About the label

Final nightmare records wazzzz started by yata-garasu (a.k.a : paul hoeylaerts) from belgium .
The story of yata-garasu began back in 2004/2005 .
Yata-garasu @ first started ass an dj project back in 2000 and started to evolve untill a cult!

Taking belgium by storm back in 2005/2006 yata-garasu wazzzz well know in belgium
And soon began to enter the worldwide underground scene.

With friend Didier (Pzyko) (who started the 1rst underground label from Belgium)
Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records ...
he got an upportunity to become vice president of this label  from the start of 2007 .

Compiling for couple of label’s and also have gotten involved with several label’s
Yata-garasu began to release reverall traxx on label’s like :  skitzophrenik lifeform records ,
H.S.S records , I.C.C records , twisted mind records , shamanicaros records , anomalistic records ,
black magic records , bloodsuck records , hellchedelic records ........................

The world got to know yata-garasu muzik and it’s unique style called : Emotionpsy....

Now severall years later paul hoeylaerts (a.k.a : yata-garasu) hazz started hizz own label ...
Searching for the most original / underground / best artist’s (in yata’s eyezzz).

Boyz and girlzzz this iz : Final Nightmare .records (belgium) started januari 2011

Paul Hoeylaerts a.k.a. Yata-garasu (2011)

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